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Vinod Kumar V

Regional Head & Head of Design & Build

Vinod Kumar V is a seasoned professional holding the position of Regional Head and Head of Design & Build. With 14 years of experience in the industry, he possesses a Master's degree in Architecture (M.Arch).



Vinod’s exceptional skills in client management and his ability to understand the needs and expectations of clients make him a valuable asset to any organization. He is known for his keen sense of understanding the pulse of clients and building strong relationships with them.

As a smart worker, Vinod is adept at finding innovative solutions and implementing them effectively. His expertise extends to product development and the preparation of business plans and strategies, enabling him to drive growth and success.

Outside of work, Vinod finds solace in sketching, allowing his creativity to flow. He is also an avid wanderlust, always seeking new experiences and inspirations.

In summary, Vinod Kumar V is a dynamic professional with a wide range of skills, including client management, strategic planning, and creative design.